Brief circuit schematics with short video – List of pages

Pages below are made up of mostly one or more small diagrams and short video that quickly (usually about 5 minutes) explains the circuit for those who want little text to scroll trough.  I might add a link to page(s) that cover the topic in more detail.

Home page – Electronics learning for hobbyists and students

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Quick circuit schematic to breadboard build series – YouTube from r/ElectronicsStudy

  • Links are created pages.
  • Bullet pointed text is a likely future page topic for that spot.
  • Side bar (bottom of page for mobile) should have a search tool to find all my pages that cover a given topic.

Page links for this series

Links go to a page that is devoted to that circuit. Top of the list are intended for those completely brand new to electronics. Plus… means that the component is a possible addition to the circuits that follow.

Switch, resistor and LEDs.

Plus capacitor.

Plus LM334 constant current component. Not a common component, but nice for demonstrating electronic properties. Can use a transistor current source in it’s place (covered later).

Continued below.

Plus trimmer potentiometer (trimpot) component.

Plus 555 timer integrated circuit.

Plus thermistor

Plus relay.

Plus Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT). Both NPN and PNP.

Plus zener diode

Brief zener diode component voltage reference and shunt regulator basics

Plus buzzers. Active and passive.