Overcoming Over Sensitive Voltage Booster Short Circuit Protection

USB power banks store a fair amount of charge for the price. Most of the time they only output 5V. A voltage booster can raise that voltage enough to charge a higher voltage battery or portable power generator. But if current flows too easily, then the voltage booster will cut the power if it has good short circuit protection.

  • Adding resistance between the voltage booster output and battery or portable power bank, will make it harder for current to flow, so the voltage booster with short circuit protection is less likely to think that there is a short circuit.
  • It looks like you want to keep the voltage booster’s output voltage as low as possible with a portable power generator.  I’d try setting it for the minimum voltage that the power generator’s input will except. But if that is too low, then raise the voltage booster’s output voltage until it does work.

Video below goes live at 6am CST on 14 May 2023. It is one of my earliest attempts at using USB power to charge a higher voltage energy storage system.

I have multiple boost converters. It’s not always easy to find information on them when you come across them. The seller I got it from through Amazon isn’t selling this one anymore, so the information below is a reminder to myself incase the page disappears.

Note: Usually you can’t get the maximum voltage and current at the same time. Probably have to limit the current more as voltage goes up.

  • Input 3V-35V with a maximum of 9A.
  • Output (boosted, which is higher than is input) 3.5V to 35V with a maximum of 6A.

I’d rather use a larger boost converter that has a constant current setting, but the ones I have found so far need more than a 5V input. And when I made this page, I was focused on specifically boosting 5V,

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