List of electronic circuits

List of electronic circuits. A link to a page covering that topic will be added to many of the listed item. Many of the items listed come as prebuilt units and modules. You will have to find instructions on how to design and build them if you want to make them yourself.

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Simple circuits and fragments:

  1. Bench power supply powered.
    • Voltage source.
    • Current source.
  2. Battery powered.
    • Power bank.
    • Boost Converter.
    • Buck converter.
    • Low voltage shut off.
  3. Solar powered.
    • Charge controller.
    • Schottky diode.
  4. Voltage meter/multimeter measurement.
  5. Resistor component setting current/Resistive load.
    • Series resistors.
    • Parallel Resistors
    • Heater/Waste heat and dissipation.
    • Pull up resistor.
    • Pull down resistor.
    • Incandescent light bulb.
    • Fuse.
    • Variable resistor. Trimmer potentiometer (trimpot) or larger potentiometer.
  6. Ohm meter/Resistance measurement/Multimeter.
  7. Ammeter/Electric current measurement/Multimeter.
  8. Resistor voltage divider:
    • Fixed resistors.
    • Trimmer potentiometer  (trimpot). Or larger potentiometer.
    • High side light dependent resistor (LDR) with a low side fixed resistor.
    • Low side LDR with high side fixed resistor.
  9. LED.
    • Indicator LED
    • Current limiting resistor.
    • Current source sets current.
    • Lighting LED (such as 5V 1W).
  10. Rectifier diode.
    1. Reverse polarity protection.
    2. Full wave bridge rectifier.
  11. Capacitor.
    • Smoothing
    • RC timing.
    • Coupling.
    • Super/Ultra capacitor. Energy storing.
  12. Zener diode.
  13. Inductor
    • Flyback diode.
  14. Relay.
    • Flyback diode.
  15. Schottky diode.
  16. Connectors:
    • Wire of various sizes (gauge/millimeters).
    • Alligator clip.
    • Jumper wire.
    • Jumper cable.
    • Barrel connector.
    • Ferrule connector and crimper.

More to be added.

Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Circuits.

  • NPN switch.
  • PNP switch.
  • NPN voltage/emitter follower.
  • PNP voltage/emitter follower
  • NPN current source.
  • PNP current sink.

Well known BJTs.

  • 2N2222 NPN BJT.
  • 2N2907 PNP BJT.
  • 2N3904 NPN BJT.
  • 2N3906 PNP BJT.

More to be added.

555 timer circuits:

  1. Bistable mode/Flip flop.
  2. Monostable mode/One shot.
  3. Astable mode/Multivibrator/Free running/Clock.
  4. Inverted output with hysteresis.

More to be added.

Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) circuits:

  • Non inverting comparator.
  • Inverting comparator.
  • Voltage follower.
  • Current Source.
  • Current Sink.

More to be added.

Other ICs including 7400 and 4000 series:

More to be added.

Useful devices/modules (prebuilt circuits):

  1. Boost Converter/Voltage raised. Conserves power.
  2. Buck converter/Voltage lowered. Conserves power.
    • 12V/24V/48V etc. in to 5V USB out are common.
  3. Voltage regulator. Extra voltage is converted into waste heat.
  4. Hand crank generator.

More to be added.

Miscellaneous circuits:

  • Knight rider lights.

More to be added.

This is a new page that will be updated soon!

This is a new page that will be updated soon!

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