2N2907 PNP BJT in TO92 package

The 2N2907 PNP Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) is well known for being complimentary to the 2N2222 NPN BJT. Current flows through the2N2907 in opposite direction of the 2N2222 due to having the opposite chemistry. But otherwise, they have pretty much the same limitations and capabilities.

2N2907 pin layout and PNP BJT schematic symbol by Electronzap
2N2907 pin layout and PNP BJT schematic symbol by Electronzap
  • Many 2N2907 datasheets show the 2N2907 in a can (TO-18 package). Most people will never come across BJTs in the TO-18 package.
  • The 2N2907 in TO-92 package is sometimes called “PN2907”
  • P2N2907 (pay close attention to the “P2N…”) swaps the positions of the Collector and Emitter.
  • Some 2N2907 pin layout shown in a Google search swaps the position of collector and emitter pins from what I show here, while others show the same pin layout I show. I tested one of my 2N2907s and found it to have this pin layout shown here.

2N2907 basic electrical properties

  • IC: 600mA absolute max. collector current.
  • PD: 400mW maximum power dissipation.
  • VCEO: Maximum voltage from collector to emitter when transistor is off.
    • 2N2907 = 40V
    • 2N2907A = 40V

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