USB tester multimeter tool – Voltage Current Power Capacity

Measuring the voltage, current, power and capacity (current over time or amp hour) flowing through USB plugs is easy with a USB tester. Simply plug the ISB tester between the male and female USB connectors that you want to measure. The tool does the rest.

I have only used the Drok USB tester that is in my videos. I don’t know which other other ones are better or worse for the price. I have the USB version. There are other USB types available, so pay close attention to what it is when you are looking to get one.

Affiliate link ad of the tester I have.

With my Drok USB tester…

  • A button can be pressed to show 7 different displays
    1. Just Voltage and Current. VI
    2. Just Capacity. C
    3. Just Power. P
    4. Alternating Voltage and Current, with Capacity. VI + C
    5. Alternating Voltage and Current, with Power. VI + P
    6. Alternating Capacity, with Power. C + P
    7. Alternating Voltage and Current, with Capacity, with Power. VI + C + P

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