2N2222 TO-92 datasheet google search difficulties – NPN BJT 2N2222A PN2222A P2N2222A

The 2N2222 NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) is seen a lot in schematic diagrams and text.

2N2222 2N2222A based transistors and datasheet availability lecture learning electronics shorts 119
2N2222 2N2222A based transistors and datasheet availability lecture learning electronics shorts 119

When you do a google search for the 2N2222 datasheet, you will mostly come across info for the original version that was in a metal can. That’s the TO-18 package.

It usually takes me a long time to find a datasheet for the 2N2222 and/or 2N2222A in TO-92 package. That’s even though they are much more commonly available in the TO-92 package than the TO-18 package these days.

It appears that the plastic version (TO-92) of the 2N2222 was originally given the name PN2222. PN2222 datasheets are easy to find, and the component appears to have the same electrical properties as the other 2N2222s.

“A” added to the end of the N2222 part number means that it can handle more voltage across the collector and emitter than an older version 2N2222. 30V Vceo for the 2N2222, and 40V Vceo for the 2N2222A.

The primary difference between the 2N2222 TO-18 package and TO-92 package appears to be the collector current capacity. Metal can dissipate heat better, so it can handle more current.

  • TO-18 2N2222 = Max. 800mA Ic (collector current).
  • TO-92 2N2222 (PN2222) = Max 600mA Ic (collector current). 30V (collector to emitter breakdown voltage/Vceo) with the 2N2222.
  • 2N2222A is an improved version of the 2N2222. It is more common these days than the part numbers without an A at the end. 2N2222A can be used with 40V (collector to emitter breakdown voltage/Vceo). The other xN2222 part numbers also have an A added to the part # when it has that improved voltage handling.
  • PN2222 (TO-92 package) appears to have the same electrical properties of the 2N2222 in the TO-92 package.
  • P2N2222A collector and emitter pin layouts are opposite of the 2N2222A/PN2222A. Note how it has P2 in front of the N, versus just a P or a 2 in front of the N.

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