Ferrule connector

Stranded wire (bundle of many smaller wires instead of 1 solid wire) can be inserted into screw tightening terminal blocks, but the strands may not go in properly, and screwing them down may damage many of the strands.

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Ferrule connectors start off as a hollow tube with a wider back end made of plastic that you can insert a properly sized wire into. The exposed strands of wire will slide through the tube until the plastic insulation on the wire comes in contact with the tube. The plastic insulation around the wire is too wide to go through the tube if you use the proper connector for the that sized wire. The wider plastic back end makes sure that no strands are exposed in back if the wire is fully inserted. If the exposed wire is longer than the tube however, it will stick out of the front of the tool.

Once the stranded wire is in the ferrule tube, a crimping tool squeezes the tube so that the wires get pinched together and make contact all around the now squeezed tube.

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