2N3906 PNP BJT in TO92 package

The 2N3906 PNP Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) is the complimentary transistor to the 2N3904 NPN BJT.

2N3906 pin layout and PNP BJT schematic symbol by Electronzap
2N3906 pin layout and PNP BJT schematic symbol by Electronzap

That means that the current flows through the 2N3906 PNP BJT in the opposite direction of the 2N3904 NPN BJT, but otherwise their electrical limitation (max current, voltages, speed, etc.) are pretty much the same.

Max values:

Do a Google search of the datasheet for more specific parameters and the most accurate manufacturer’s information.

  • VCEO (Collector to emitter voltage when open/off): 40V
  • IC (collector current): 200mA
  • TD (total power dissipation): 625mW
  • hFE (DC current gain) when…
    • IC= 0.1mA: Min. 60
    • IC= 1mA: Min. 80
    • IC= 10mA: Min. 100 – Max. 300
    • IC= 50mA: Min. 60
    • IC= 100mA: Min. 30
  • FT (transition frequency): 250Mhz

In comparison, maximum values of 2N2907 given below… Mostly based on On semiconductor datasheet for P2N2907A as it is hard to find a 2N2907 in TO-92 package datasheet. P2N2907 Emitter and Collector are in opposite positions of 2N2907.

    • 2N2907 = IC: 600mA
    • 2N2907 = PD: 625mW
    • 2N2907 hFE (DC current gain) when…
      • IC= 0.1mA: Min. 75
      • IC= 1mA: Min. 100
      • IC= 10mA: Min. 100
      • IC= 100mA: Min. 150 – Max .300
      • IC= 500mA: Min. 50

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