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Learning electronics tutorials for beginners is the primary goal of this site.

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Quick circuits on a breadboard pages:

This is just a handful of the first and easiest topics of the series. Many pages just have a diagram, a video and just one or 2 paragraphs of explanation text. The bottom of each page has links to the next 5 circuits of the series.

More traditional learning electronics pages:

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I write out a lot more important information about components, circuits, and other basic electronics topics on the following pages than in the ones above. I generally assume that you already understand the topics higher up on the list than when I address the topics lower down on the list.

555 timer is an integrated circuit (IC). Being an IC, it has complex circuitry combined in a single package with external pins/terminals to connect to other circuitry. You can easily make all kinds of fun circuits with just a 555 timer and the components covered above, so I think it’s a good component to learn next.

Transistors will probably be the most challenging components to learn. Understanding them will help you understand all of electronics much better, and help you the most in being creative while designing your own circuits.

Other topics:

These pages are still being compiled.

Always use datasheets to research components:

When you start using components with part numbers, make sure to do a google search for their datasheet. Information on this site is not guaranteed to be accurate. Always verify any electronics information you get by checking the manufacturer’s datasheet.

Unfortunately datasheet aren’t the easiest documents to understand. I am working on explaining how to make reading them easier.

List of Electronics topics:

There’s an almost endless number of exciting electronics topics that can be studied. Below is many of them. I plan to make a page for as many of them as possible. You should always do google searches of any topics that sound exciting.


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  • Information on this site is not guaranteed to be accurate. Always consult the manufacturer info/datasheet of parts you use. Research the proper safety precautions for everything you do.
  • As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.