Boost converter unit or module

Boost converters take in a lower voltage than is desired, and output a higher desired voltage. They conserve as much power as possible, based on that particular circuit’s efficiency. A lot more current has to come in than what is needed to power a load with the power coming out.

  • If a boost converter circuit could provide an impossible 100% efficient, then…
    • An input of 5V 2A could output 10V 1A to a load.
    • An input of 5V 2A could output 15V 0.666A to a load.

But of course, some of the input power is lost in the voltage boost conversion.

  • If a boost converter unit/module has an 80% efficiency, then…
    • A theoretical 100% output of 10V 1A would actually be dropped to a maximum of 10V 0.8A.
    • A theoretical 100% output of 15V 0.666A would actually be dropped to a maximum of 10V 0.533A.

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