Brief fixed resistor voltage divider circuit

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Series components always split up the supply voltage (Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law).

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Whatever you attach to the output will become part of the voltage divider. So you almost always want it to be very high resistance, and usually some kind of amplifier. Topics covered later.

Simple voltage divider schematic circuits diagram by electronzap electronzapdotcom
Simple voltage divider schematic circuits diagram by electronzap electronzapdotcom

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Resistance based components divide up the voltage based on their percentage of the total resistance, and which side of the supply voltage they are on in relationship to the output.

Many circuits depend on using fixed value resistors to set a fraction of the supply voltage to part(s) of the circuit.


Percentage of resistance towards positive versus negative determines the output voltage.
Quick explanation of fixed resistor voltage divider circuits by electronzap electronics

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How to divide supply voltage in thirds with a fixed resistance divider electronics DIY tutorial

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