Op Amp Voltage Follower – Dual aka Split Supply

741 op amp voltage follower with dual aka split power supply learning electronics lesson 0031
741 op amp voltage follower with dual aka split power supply learning electronics lesson 0031

Op amp voltage followers output the same voltage as the one they see at their input.

It’s easy to generate a specific voltage that is less than the supply voltage. It probably won’t be able to power a desired load though. Pulling current from it will drop the voltage.

An operation amplifier can look at that voltage as a signal, and output that same voltage while providing a lot more current.

  • Lower inverting input (-) voltage than non inverting input (+) = output voltage goes up
  • Higher – input voltage than + = output voltage goes down
  • Connecting the output directly to – means the output voltage will move towards the + input V until the are the same.
  • The output will provide the current needed to power a load while staying at the + voltage. Only if Staying within it’s output power limits of course.

Dual Supply Op Amp:

A dual supply output, also known as a split supply output falls short of both ends of the supply voltage range. Usually at least a volt or 2 away from the positive rail, and negative rail voltage. 0V ground is typically the middle voltage of a dual/split supply, and therefore there is a positive and negative voltage in relationship to it. Some op amp circuits just need an output voltage that stays relatively close to the 0V ground for a dual supply, or close to the middle voltage for a single supply.

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