Powering electronics

Electronics circuits and electrical loads need to get electricity (electric power) in some way or another. Therefore, this page is devoted to introducing ways of providing electric power. And also, common problems to be aware of.

Topics covered below:

  • Common power sources
  • Commonly used alternative sources of electric power
  • Related videos
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Common power sources:

There’s 2 ways that most individuals provide power to their electronics.

  • Regulated voltage supply (fixed or variable)
  • Batteries

First, is to use a regulated supply that you plug into the wall. Once plugged in, the supply provides either a fixed, or adjustable voltage that you can use to provide electric power.

  • Voltage and maximum current output may be adjustable

Second commonly used power source is batteries.

  • Voltage of a battery cell, depends on it’s chemistry and how charged it is
  • Fully charged = The battery’s maximum voltage, probably dangerous to keep charging it.
  • Discharged = The battery’s voltage has dropped to an unusable or is close to, if not exceeding an unsafe level for many rechargeable batteries. Current production is reduced.
  • Primary = A battery that is not rechargeable
  • Secondary = A battery that is rechargeable

Commonly used alternative sources of electric power.

These are highly situational. Therefore, they will not be covered in detail on this page.

  • Solar
  • Generator – Wind/hydro/hand cranked/etc.

Related videos:

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Too much voltage wastes energy demonstration using simulated li ion 18650 batteries electronics topic

DROK one button multimeter first test by electronzap
In circuit multimeter unit I advertised below.

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