List of electronic components and integrated circuits ICs

Quick list of components and integrated circuits used in electronics.

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How this page is typically organized

  • Common components are most likely what you will find in kits, or referred to often in study material/schematics.
  • Less common components could be any or all of the following – Not used very often – Not referred to very much in study material/schematics – Modified version of a common component to meet unusual demands (it will likely have different limitations as well)
  • Parenthesis are often surrounding part numbers of some of the component types listed. I probably have those parts and use them in my videos. There may be a lot of different parts you can substitute for the one(s) I listed, depending on their differences and the circuitry they will be used in. – ( … ) are also used to add other notes. Mostly products used in my videos. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel!
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Basic components:

  • Resistor-fixed
  • Diode-rectifier
  • Light emitting diode (LED)
  • Capacitor
  • Inductor

Common variants of basic components:

  • Resistor-variable
  • Resistor-voltage divider (potentiometer/trimmer potentiometer/trimpot) – Can also be used as variable resistor
  • Resistor-Light dependent
  • Diode-Zener
  • Diode-Photo (light dependent)

Transistors (3 terminals):

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  • Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) – (NPN)
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) – (PNP)

Common Integrated circuits:

  • 555 timer (NE555)
  • Op Amp (741/µA741)

Less common 3 terminal components (transistor like):

  • Darlington pair
  • Silicon controlled rectifier

More specialized integrated circuits:

ICs used in some of my videos. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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