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I mostly learned electronics on my own and want to help make it easier for others to learn electronics on their own. This page will updated and corrected as needed.

Home page for this site. I mostly use it to explain basic electronics in a way that is similar to how it is presented in books.

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Learning material

Of course, you still need study material while learning electronics on your own. There’s lots of books, website and videos to choose from. Most of my videos and web pages are devoted to explaining basic circuits and electronics in general. Make sure and subscribe to my channel and check out the videos!

Affiliate link ad. An earlier version of this Electronics for Dummies ebook helped me a lot when I was relearning electronics.

I made a series of webpages Brief circuit schematics with short video – List of pages that usually include a brief introduction, a diagram, and a video where I build and explain one particular circuit. The bottom of most pages has links to good follow up circuit pages.

Circuit building components and supplies

Reading about electronics and watching other people build circuits is helpful, but you really need to build a lot of circuits yourself to get good at DIY electronics. I have the following page on Amazon which lists most of the items you will see me using in my videos. Using the links before making a purchase supports this site at no extra cost to you!

Affiliate link ad. I have this kit and I really like it. You can learn a lot of electronics with just this kit.

General building and testing:

  • Kits: Contain much of, if not all of what you might want/need below.
  • Power supply: You need to power circuits in some way.
  • Breadboard: Easily plug wire into rows that make direct connections within the board.
  • Multimeter: You can’t see electricity, so a meter that can measure all the main electrical properties (voltage, current, resistance, etc.) helps a lot.


There’s some components that are used in many circuits, so buying a kit with a lot of them, and with a large number of values is applicable, is a good idea.

Highly used components

  • Resistors: Single most used components. The ones rated for 1/4W are usually sufficient, and thus are easy to find. Having a lot of resistors with a large number of different values is a good idea. A good resistor kit will help make building most circuits a lot easier.
  • Capacitors: Not as crucial to have a lot of values as resistors, but it is still nice to. A good capacitor kit with as many values as possible will make building some circuits a lot easier.
  • LEDs: A lot of fun, and one way to see electricity in the form of light power. Therefore, LEDs are used a lot while studying electronics. The type and number of LEDs you will want to get is highly dependent on what you want to do with electronics. I like the 3mm LEDs in different colors for my breadboard videos. They let you see the circuit and LED easily.

Other components

These components are used in a lot but not most circuits. You may have many of them from kits. Otherwise, you will have to figure out which ones you want/need.

  • Diodes:
  • Inductors

More to be added.

Home page

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  • Information on this site is not guaranteed to be accurate. Always consult the manufacturer info/datasheet of parts you use. Research the proper safety precautions for everything you do.

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