Voltage booster power supply

Voltage boosters take in a lower voltage and output a higher voltage. Of course, this apparent extra energy does not come free. In order to get the extra voltage out, the voltage booster has to take in more current than it outputs. If the circuit could work perfectly, then there would be an equal amount of power (voltage times current) in as out. Of course, there is always some power loss in everything electronics. Some voltage boosters are more efficient than others.

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For example, a perfect voltage booster would be able to take in 5V at 1 amp while it outputs 10V at 0.5A. Work done in electronics (V x I) is called wattage in units called Watts (symbol W). And of course, the capital letter i is the mathematical symbol for current.

  • 5V x 1A =  5W
  • 10V x 0.5A = 5W

How to use mini adjustable voltage booster for easy power supply DIY electronics tutorial

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