Transistor and component tester

Components for electronics are not always easy to identify. Even if you know the part name or number and find it’s datasheet, the datasheet is often confusing as well. Therefore, using an automatic transistor and component tester can often clear up questions you may have about a component.

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Component testing

I bought some BS250 P channel enhancement mode MOSFET transistors. According to one datasheet I found shows the pin layout for the commonly available TO-92 package (physical appearance). However, my BS250 looked a little different, and so after that, I found a datasheet for the Line E package. It looks like E line package based on the drawing provided.

To verify the pin layout, I used my transistor/component tester to test a BS250 transistor. I went through the same process in the video below, which can be watched directly on YouTube by clicking Component and transistor tester measuring BS250 P channel enchancement mode MOSFET .

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