Timed fan on project using monostable 555 timer controlled relay

I quickly made the following fan switched by a relay controlled by monostable 555 timer video. You can watch the video directly by clicking Fan and relay switch on time controlled by monostable 555 timer circuit and weak power source.

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Keep in mind that this was a quickly put together project using parts laying around. I hope to make more significant projects in the future.

Circuit fragments and components used in project:

  • 555 timer wired in monostable mode and push-button triggered.
  • Relay module.
  • Alligator clip to USB adapter cable.
  • Male to male jumper wires. 2 have alligator clips crimped to them.
  • USB tester (optional).
  • Portable fan with batteries removed.
  • Breadboard power supply.
  • AC to DC adapter used to provide 9V to breadboard power supply (not shown in video).
  • Bench Power supply to power fan while relay is on (not shown in video other than it’s alligator clips). Set to 5V with a maximum of 3A.

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