List of electronic component basic properties

Electronic components all have properties that can be taken advantage of to do something useful or at least interesting. This page will be devoted to briefly listing common properties of particular components that are commonly used or studied.

This is a new page (as of 31Oct2018), which will be updated soon!

Common individual components:

Resistor: Primarily limits current but can also help set voltages to a fraction of an applied voltage (voltage divider)

  • Unit – Ohms
  • Tolerance – Possible percentage greater or lower difference actual component may differ from rated value.
  • Power rating – Wattage rating for maximum heat dissipation in units called watts (most common resistors are 1/4W).


  • Forward biased –
  • Reverse biased –

Capacitor: Stores energy in an electric field between separated conductive areas (plates).

  • Unit – Farad (F). Super/ultra capacitors about 1F or more while regular capacitors are rated in the micro, nano and pico farads.


Common integrated circuits:

555 timer:

Operational amplifier (Op amp):

Common power sources

Bench power supply:

Breadboard power supply:



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