Bipolar junction transistor BJT current source circuit that cancels base to emitter drop NPN 2N3904 PNP 2N3906

Current source circuits using a single bipolar junction transistor (BJT) have to deal with the approx. 0.6V base to emitter drop of the NPN BJT, or the approx. 0.6V rise of the PNP BJT. However, you can use one offset to cancel the other offset by cascading a NPN BJT with a PNP BJT. Therefore, the current will be set by the signal voltage and current setting resistor without near as much worry of base to emitter voltage offset. Mostly products used in my videos. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel!
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Very nice electronics current source using 2N3904 NPN and 2N3906 bipolar junction transistors BJTs Patrons can view diagram used in this video at

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