7414 Hex Inverter Schmitt Input SN74LS14 74HC14 Integrated circuit 74×14

The 7414 integrated circuit has 6 (hex) independent inverting schmitt trigger circuits. Therefore, you can choose which one(s) you want to use. The schmitt trigger part of the inverting circuit means that the threshold voltage changes for positive and negative switching signals. This helps make the inverter high/low output more decisive.

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7414 IC integrated circuit hex inverter schmitt trigger not gate pin layout diagram by electronzap electronzapdotcom
7414 IC integrated circuit hex inverter schmitt trigger not gate pin layout diagram by electronzap electronzapdotcom

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I have the SN74LS14N and maybe some other kind(s). 74 stands for 7400 series integrated circuit. While, LS stands for low power schottky. 14 is the second part of the 7400 series part number indicating that it is a hex (containing 6 circuits) inverter with schmitt trigger inputs.

7400 series IC kit that I got this SN74LS14N component from.

There are over 100 different integrated circuit types made under the 7400 series name. So, somewhere in the part number following 74 will be a 2 or 3 digit number to indicate the circuits contained within.

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7414 IC tutorial video

My first 7414 IC video is posted below. You can also watch it directly on YouTube, which is preferred, by clicking 7414 hex inverter schmitt trigger input oscillator circuit 74×14 SN74LS14N . I added some additional notes below the video on this page.

Listed below are some notes relevant to the video above. Primarily observations made while consulting the datasheet after making the video. Make sure to verify all info I present including what I said/write comes from the datasheet. I never guarantee that I find the most accurate info or repeated it accurately.

  • I used a bench power supply set to 5 volts which I forgot to mention in the video. 7V is the maximum supply voltage to use according to the datasheet.
  • Low output goes high when input voltage first drops to a bit above 0.8V with 5V power supply, according to datasheet.
  • High output goes low when input voltage first rises to a bit above 1.6V with a 5V power supply, according to datasheet.

After that video, I got some High Speed CMOS 7400 series ICs. The following video compares the 74HC14 with the 74LS15 as a square wave oscillator. Inverter with schmitt trigger square wave oscillator 74LS14 vs 74HC14 integrated circuits ICs

74HCxx kit I got the 74HC14 IC from.

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