7405 hex inverter open collector output integrated circuit 74HC05 74LS05 ICs

The 7405 integrated circuit has 6 (hex) NOT gate logic inverter circuits. However, the 7405 inverters (logic NOT gates) have open collector outputs. Therefore, the output can only sink current while the output is low. The output does not source current. Typically, a pull up resistor connected to the output in order to provide a positive voltage/current to the load or input of other circuitry.

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  • 6 (hex) inverters (NOT gate) circuits on a 14 pin integrated circuit. 2 pins for each of the inverter circuits (12 gate pins total), plus 2 pins for the Vcc positive side power supply and GND negative side of the power supply.
  • Open collector output means that the output pin only connects internally (through a transistor) to GND while in the low state. A pullup resistor connected to the out must be used to provide a high signal. The output pin itself is off while in the high state
  • Typically 5V is used to power the 7405. As always, check the datasheet for the range of supply voltages for your particular 7405.
  • A digital inverter, also called a NOT gate, is when the output is opposite of the input signal. High input = low output. And low output = High output.

7405 74HC05 open collector output hex inverter integrated circuit IC introduction electronics

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