555 Timer IC

The 555 timer is the most well known IC (integrated circuit) in electronics and is useful in many circuits.

Pages covering the 3 basic 555 timer circuits:

Most, if not all, of my 555 timers are the NE555 timer with 8 through hole pin DIP (Dual inline package), that are easy to insert in to a prototype breadboard.  The following numbers are taken from the Fairchild Semiconductor LM555/NE555/SE555 datasheet:

  • Supply voltage (Vcc): Min 4.5V – Max 16V
  • Max power dissipation (Pd): 600mW

Pin layout below, starting top left and working counter clockwise. 

  • 1 – GND 
  • 2 – Trigger
  • 3 – Output
  • 4 – Reset
  • 5 – Control voltage
  • 6 – Threshold
  • 7 – Discharge
  • 8 – Vcc

When buying or using a 555 timer, or any other component for that matter, it is best to consult it’s datasheet, or other written documentation of it’s use and limitations. This skill takes a while to learn but is very rewarding once you get good. So, practice looking up datasheets! A Google search of the part name or number ie. “555 timer datasheet” will usually get you to a large number of datasheets. Try to find the specific part and manufacturer for your specific component if possible.    

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