2N7000 N channel enhancement mode MOSFET transistor

2N7000 N channel enhancement mode MOSFET transistor.

The MOSFET uses a voltage at it’s Gate to determine how well it conducts from Drain to Source. The N channel enhancement MOSFET, such as the 2N7000 I have, takes a higher voltage to get it to conduct and a low enough voltage to turn it back off.

A very small amount of current briefly flow while the voltage changes at the Gate but otherwise the Gate does not pass current. A high enough voltage, such as static discharge, may damage the insulating properties of the Gate.

These properties make the MOSFET a great voltage controlled switch as shown in the video below. You can watch it directly on YouTube by clicking here 2N7000 N channel enhancement mode MOSFET switch circuit basics

ON resistance from drain to source –  RDS (on)

The MOSFET has some resistance while on, which is listed on the datasheet as RDS (on). I tested this in the video below, which can be watched directly on YouTube at the following link. Testing the Rds on for 2N7000 N channel MOSFET on resistance from drain to source by electronzap

Older video

Video below: 2N7000 N channel enhancement mode MOSFET transistor test circuit and multimeter measurements: Click here to watch directly on YouTube!

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